Celebrate Canada Day With Our Top Canadian Artists (Playlistin')

Since it's Canada's birthday this Sunday, July 1st (the country will be a whopping 145 years old!), we thought there would be no better way to celebrate than with a Canadian artist edition of Playlistin'. We scoured our Top 100 chart for Canadian artists that are making it big in the music world, and found four candidates that are sure to be celebrating Canada's big day on Sunday. What about you? Will you be taking part in Canada Day festivities? Why not blast songs by these artists in anticipation:

4. Avril Lavigne — Wish You Were Here

"All those crazy things we did / Didn't think about it, just went with it / You're always there, you're everywhere / But right now I wish you were here"

Coming from a small town in Ontario outside of Toronto (Canada's biggest city), Avril Lavigne shot to fame when she released her first album Let Go with the smash single "Complicated". This proud Canuck has been one of the world's top artists for over 10 years now, and we think Avril will forever be known as a Canadian singer/songwriter legend!

3. Drake — Take Care

"I know you've been hurt by someone else / I can tell by the way you carry yourself / If you let me, here's what I'll do / I'll take care of you "

Hailing from the T.O. (aka Toronto), Drake got his start on the Canadian television drama Degrassi as an actor, then out of nowhere, released a hip-hop mixtape that garnered him attention from the Young Money crew (of Nicki Minaj & Lil Wayne fame). Now, he's one of the globe's hottest rappers and will always rep the T.O. as his hometown!

2. Justin Bieber — Boyfriend

"I'd like to be everything you want / Hey girl, let me talk to you / If I was your boyfriend, never let you go"

Also from a small town in Ontario, every girl's favorite pop star at the moment Justin Bieber will forever go down as the Canadian dreamer who posted his songs on Youtube, then got a major record deal! With Usher taking the Canadian superstar under his wing, we know that Bieber is a name that Canada will always be associated with.

1. Carly Rae Jepsen — Call Me Maybe

"Here's my number/ So call me, maybe? / Before you came into my life / I missed you so bad"

It's the girl of the moment, people, and yes: she's from Canada! Carly Rae Jepsen started her career off on Canadian Idol, and coming from a small town outside of Vancouver, British Columbia, now having the #1 lyric on our site for 2 months now must be a dream come true! Way to rep Canada, Carly!

Who is your favorite Canadian artist? Let us know in the comments. Happy Canada Day!