Celebrate Sushi Day With These 3 Sushi-Loving Hip-Hop Lyrics

Rappers, wrappers — what's the diff?

sushi day image

We know it's Yeezus Day and all, but there's another momentous occasion that takes place on June 18th, and that's Sushi Day! To celebrate, we decided to track down lyrical references to the Japanese food and stumbled upon a few rappers who seem to share a particular affinity for the cuisine — enough, at least, to shout it out in their songs. Check out these 3 sushi-loving lyrics and grab your chopsticks...

3. Drake — HYFR (ft. Lil Wayne)

"Admitted it to me the first time we dated / But she was no angel, and we never waited / I took her for sushi..."

Nothing like a sushi date to get the first of love burning, huh Drake?

2. Iggy Azalea — My World

"Cotton candy, laced in gold / Stack that money, sushi roll / Bottles up, feeling throw'd / V.I.P it, overload..."

Iggy's got a fat stack rolled up, to the point that it resembles a sushi roll. She could buy an awful lot of sashimi with that.

1. Becky G — Becky From The Block

"Yes I love sushi, love my calamari / But ain't no better chef than my very own mommy..."

Because nothing beats home cooking — even sushi.

Can you think of any lyrics that name-drop sushi? Let us know in the comments...