Celebrate The World Cup With These 5 Soccer Anthems

Got World Cup fever? We feel you. And so do these 5 pop stars who recorded their own football anthems!

Football fans, The FIFA World Cup is upon us! As one of the globe's most celebrated sporting events, the World Cup is all about The Beautiful Game, first and foremost, but music and culture play a big role in the tournament as well. This year, a handful of major pop stars recorded their own anthems for the World Cup, and we're highlighting the best of the best right here. So who made the most exciting, captivating World Cup anthems this year? Scroll on to find out.
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5. Kelly Rowland -- The Game

"I have a dream / I have a dream / Do you have a dream? / Is it the same? / The game, the game..."

4. Santana & Wyclef Jean -- Dar Um Jeito (We Will Find a Way) (ft. Avicii & Alexandre Pires)

"Here we go-oooo / That's all we know / Dar um jeito-oooo / We will find a way..."

3. Ricky Martin -- Vida

"La vida buena / Buena vida / Everyone across the world / Man, and woman, boy and girl..."

2. Shakira -- Dare (La La La)

"Get ready, we'll do it again / Let's not recover, time to hangover / When your eyes got me drunk I was sober..."

1. Pitbull -- Ole Ola (We Are One) ft. Jennifer Lopez & Claudia Leitte

"Put your flags up in the sky (put them in the sky) / And wave them side to side (side to side) / Show the world where you're from (show them where you're from) / Show the world we are one..."

What's your favorite World Cup-themed song? Which team are you rooting for this year? Let us know!

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