Check Out American Authors' Haunting Handwritten Lyrics to "Ghost"

The band is debuting another set of handwritten lyrics from their upcoming album exclusively through MetroLyrics!

Just when you thought that the handwritten lyrics from "Best Day Of My Life" hit-makers American Authors only stopped at "Love", think again! The rockin' quartet has given us yet another set of handwritten lyrics, this time from their song off their upcoming album Oh, What A Life, "Ghost".

This songs seems kind of like a polar opposite of their feel-good single "Best Day Of My Life": "Ghost" tackles with the idea of issues like dealing with your ex, silly mistakes you've made, or just a general feeling of negativity hanging around you all the time. Like a 'ghost'...get it? But there's also a light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to the gritty parts of the lyrics: AAs sing about "shake[ing] off the dead weight" when it comes to the looming feeling, which is a very relatable sentiment when it comes to feeling down about yourself.

Check out the handwritten lyrics to "Ghost" by American Authors, given to us exclusively!

You're going to have to wait to hear the audio for "Ghost", so for now, check out their tune "Love" streaming off VEVO:

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