See The Lyrics To David Nail's New Album A Day Before Release

The Country singer gives us a sneak peek at his album I'm a Fire

Country musician David Nail is set to release his third album I'm A Fire on March 4th, and we're giving you an exclusive look at the lyrics to the entire thing a day ahead of release. The album, which includes the #1 hit "Whatever She's Got" and most recent single "Kiss You Tonight," is a collection of 11 songs influenced and inspired by David's marriage.

"There's so many moments on this record that make me think about the last four years that I've been married, and 'I'm a Fire' just sums it all up," says the singer. "I've walked through flames, come out on the other end, and the foremost reason is because of [her]."

Hit the links below to preview every lyric from I'm A Fire before its release.

1. Whatever She's Got
2. Broke My Heart
3. Burnin' Bed
4. When They're Gone (Lyle County) ft. Little Big Town
5. Brand New Day
6. Kiss You Tonight
7. The Secret
8. Countin' Cars
9. Easy Love
10. I'm A Fire
11. Galveston ft. Lee Ann Womack

As a special bonus, here's a clip of David Niall and producer Frank Liddell discussing the album's opening song "Whatever She's Got," which you can watch exclusively here:

And check out the official music video for "Whatever She's Got" below:

I'm a Fire is available for pre-order on iTunes now.

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