Chris Brown To Quit Music After Release Of 'X'

Chris Brown took to Twitter to announce he's taking a break after the release of his next album...


More notably famous for his antics than music these days, singer Chris Brown is taking a break from recording after his new album, X, drops August 20th. He took to Twitter to make the announcement:



Brown is referencing the incident involving then-girlfriend Rihanna that took place before the 2009 GRAMMYs, which people have refused to forget, and clearly it's affecting the R&B performer. Once known for his catchy hits and superb dance skills, Brown has slowly lost respect from the music industry and fans alike because of his erratic behaviour, and his recent music has been less-than-great.

However, we're actually happy that Chris is recognizing his "mistake" that he made in the past and is stepping out of the public eye. Hopefully he recharges his batteries, feels truly sorry for what he did, and comes back a stronger person if he ever decides to make music again.

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