Here's Why Chris Carrabba Always Trusts His Gut When Writing Songs

The Twin Forks lead-singer explains while discussing his band's new song 'Something We Just Know'...

Welcome back to Between the Lines, our series where we ask some of music's biggest songwriters to tell us how they came up with their best lyrics. In this episode, former Dashboard Confessional frontman and current Twin Forks member Chris Carrabba broke down a particular lyric on the latter band's "Something We Just Know."

As the title suggests, the words are inspired by Chris's ability to trust his gut, and it's a trait he's possessed and sharpened throughout his 20+ years in the music biz. The line Some may use their judgement, some will use their wisdom / Me I, use my gut, and my gut don't lie to me may be referencing the certainty he has in the relationship described in the song, but Carrabba goes on to tell us that his instinct runs even deeper than his lyrics: he just knows when something is wrong or right with his life. Must be what makes him such a profound songwriter! Watch our latest BTL episode featuring Chris Carrabba in the player above and be inspired to follow your own instinct.
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