Civil Twilight's Haunting Road-Trip Lyric Video (Exclusive Premiere)

Civil Twilight is a rock band hailing from Cape Town, South Africa with a smooth, sometimes sad sound that has been compared to early U2 (talk about a compliment!). The 4-piece band's latest album Holy Weather dropped March 26th.

For the lyric video to their song "It's Over", Civil Twilight take footage from something most people know well: the road trip. It's nostalgic footage of a rainy landscape as seen from a car window, and it fits the song's haunting lyrics about a deep love for somebody that you just can't shake. Here's the video:

Earlier this month, the band stopped by our Session studio for a live acoustic performance and interview. Check out the interview below to hear what inspired the band's new album Holy Weather, and head to Civil Twilight's Session for video of all their exclusive acoustic performances.

Civil Twilight's new album Holy Weather is available on iTunes.

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