Watch Colbie Caillat Go Skydiving In Her New Lyric Video

Fittingly, it's a video for her new song 'Live It Up'.

Colbie Caillat's new song "Live It Up" is about being fearless, taking risks, and living life to the fullest, and judging by its new lyric video, Colbie means what she says. In the video, which we're premiering here exclusively, Colbie goes skydiving and documents her entire journey, from on the ground to waaayyy up in the air and back down again. Watch the clip below, and notice how calm, cool, and collected Colbie looks DESPITE FREE FALLING FROM A PLANE! It's one thing to say "Live It Up" and another entirely to practice what you preach. Props, Colbie!

"Live It Up" is included on Colbie's new EP Gypsy Heart Side A, available now on iTunes. The EP features songs that will be included on her upcoming fourth full length album Gypsy Heart, due out later this year.

How do you plan on living it up? Tell us in the comments.
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