Coldplay Brings Timeless Songs to Live On Letterman

You can always count on Live On Letterman for an ace performance. Boasting names like Gorillaz, Adele, Snoop Dogg and Bon Jovi, Live On Letterman only lets the cream of the crop grace their stage. Most recently, world's-most-likeable-can-do-no-wrong-could-sing-about-dirt-and-i'd-still-like-it rock band, Coldplay came through the L.O.L. studio and gave everyone a real treat.

In a review of Coldplay's Live On Letterman performance, KROQ writer, Nadia Noir discusses some of their most recognizable songs and what it is about these songs that makes them so darn good. On top of Coldplay's ridiculously gorgeous instrumentals, Chris Martin's lyrics have fans hanging on to his every word. The genius thing about Coldplay's songs are that they're so simple, yet they tap into everyone's emotions. Rumor has it "Fix You" was written for Martin's wife, Gwyneth Paltrow, after the death of her father, but the lyrics remain open enough for the listeners to relate them to their own lives.

To reflect on the amazing performance that Coldplay brought to the stage of the Ed Sullivan Theatre, let's take a closer look at the set list and what makes Coldplay's songs so relatable.

1. "Clocks"

You are   /   You are   /   And nothing else compares   /   And nothing else compares   /   And nothing else compares

This song is a dream come true for the karaoke challenged. Not only is its simple chorus of "You are" easy to sing along to, but the blank spot left at the end ("You are" what!?? What are you??) lets fans create their own meaning. "You are amazing! Nothing else compares to how amazing you are!" or "You are the worst boyfriend ever! No other boyfriend compares to how lame you are!" See what I mean? Nobody's left out.

2. "Fix You"

Lights will guide you home   /   And ignite your bones   /   And I will try to fix you

I already mentioned this song was rumoured to be written for Gwyneth Paltrow, but Chris Martin keeps it vague and manages to let all listeners feel a little bit broken in his quest to fix them. I know what you're thinking, "Who wants to feel broken, ever?" Umm... when Chris Martin's the handyman? Everyone.

3. "The Scientist"

Nobody said it was easy   /   It's such a shame for us to part   /   Nobody said it was easy   /   No one ever said it would be this hard   /   Oh, take me back to the start

Similar to "Clocks," "The Scientist" has a definite fill in the blanks aspect to it. Nobody said what was easy? No one ever said what would be this hard? A pet dying? A break-up? The loss of a loved one? Or even just the stresses of everyday life? All bases are covered, and everyone's emotions get tapped.

4. "Yellow"  

I drew a line   /   I drew a line for you   /   Oh what a thing to do   /   And it was all yellow

What would this list be without "Yellow"? As long as you know your primary colors, you can sing along to this tune. Like a true poet, Martin leaves it all up to personal interpretation. No one's really quite sure what he means by "it" being "yellow", but it's bright and shiny and sunny and romantic and everything that makes us all smiley from the inside out.

5. "Paradise"

This could be   /   Para-para-paradise   /   Para-para-paradise   /   This could be   /   Para-para-paradise

In true Coldplay form, their newest single off Mylo Xyloto is just as sing-along-able as their classics. Everyone has their own interpretation of paradise, and the vague lyrics let every single listener feel like Chris Martin is singing directly to them and their personal getaway.

Experience Coldplay's Live On Letterman performance. Watch it in its entirety below: