Colin Munroe Re-Imagines A World Of Lyrics For His Song "Invincible"

Musician Colin Munroe's song "Invincible" featuring RZA and Memoryhouse is more than just a song, it's an "augmented reality". That's what he's calling the lyric art/video installation that Aurasma (an app platform) helped him create around his song lyrics.

The concept is simple yet unlike anything you've ever seen: by simply downloading the free Aurasma Lite app from the iTunes App Store or Google Play, fans can point their mobile devices at an image of Colin and watch the lyrics to "Invincible" come to life before their eyes. Still curious? Here's a demo of the magic that unfolds:

We love this new take on bringing lyrics to life. So have you downloaded the app? Once you do, all you have to do next is point it at this image:

And the app will do the rest! You can also check out the official lyric video for "Invincible" (which, even without all the bells and whistles is a really cool song) here.