Conway's Hidden Her "Killer" Handwritten Lyrics In A Maze

Can you read her lyrics all the way to the end? Follow the path to sing along...

Remember when we got to learn all about up-and-coming pop artist Conway through her (extremely colorful) My Musical Mind survey? That's not all we received from the LA-based singer/songwriter: she busted out the Sharpies once again to write out the lyrics to her song "Killer" a maze!

We don't know where Conway got this unique style of paper, but we definitely want some to make a lyrics maze game of our own. We think she's started a new trend in the world of handwritten lyrics, no? Check out how she traced her lyric lines to her song about a love so powerful, it's almost deadly, below:

Click the image to enlarge

Did you make it all the way to the end? Congrats! Watch Conway perform "Killer" live at the Natural History Museum on the player below:

Haven't heard Conway's debut EP Big Talk yet? Stream it below, and grab it off iTunes today.

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