COUNTDOWN: Our Top 5 Favourite Moments of the 2011 MTV VMAs

Last night we had the pleasure of getting together and watching the 2011 MTV VMAs. It's always better to watch with friends because you can laugh together (see #4), be shocked together (see #2) and best of all, scream together (see #1). It was a pretty amazing show and we're here to break down our Top 5 favourite moments of it. Tell us if you agree...

5. Tyler the Creator's Mom

Underdog and Odd Future leader, Tyler the Creator won for Best New Artist. We sorta thought Wiz was gonna take but we were so happy when our lil darkhorse won! And we weren't the only ones. Just as Tyler's name was announced, his mom (seated next to him) jolted up, and started jumping, crying and praisin' the Lord. Proud mama!

4. Lil Wayne's Jeggings

When our boy Drake came up on the stage, we knew exactly who he was going to introduce: none other than Cash Money's main man Lil Wayne. Twitter blew up as soon as Lil Tunechi stepped out in leopard print "jeggings", auto-tuning his way through his latest single "How To Love". In natural Weezy form, the dreadlocked rapper busted out a guitar for his Iron Man tinged version of "John", strutting off stage up to legendary grunter (and now painter) Rick Ross for his part in the tune. All we can say is...where did Wayne score those jeggings? We want a pair!

3. Adele's Performance

On the black carpet, the common questions posed to celebs was "Who are you most excited to see tonight?" and the overwhelming response was Adele! We were really excited to see her too and she kind of blew us away. Only a superstar with natural-born talent could stand up there without backup singers, dancers, flashy outfits and pyrotechnics and stun the crowd into awe-struck silence. Ladies and gentlemen; Adele!

2. Jo Calderone

Everyone was expecting Lady Gaga to be dressed in something outrageous, but she threw us a curveball when she showed up as her male alter-ego, Jo Claderone, during the opening monologue and performance of You and I, and stayed in character the entire show! Jo was rejected by Britney Spears when he leaned in for a kiss, and bro'd out with Kanye West in the front row. Totally amazing, he (she?) should've hosted!

1. The Baby Bump

Best Collaboration Award should've gone to Beyonce and Jay-Z... for their baby! Beyonce showed off her belly on the black carpet before the show AND at the end of her "Love On Top" performance, where Yeezy congratulated Jay in the front row while the expectant superchild received a standing ovation.

Check the Beyonce reveal gif here and the Jay-Z/Yeezy reaction here

What were your favourite moments?

For the full list of winners, check out the MTV VMA site.

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