Country Music Month: Top Ten Country Lyrics About Heartbreak

Miranda Lambert knows how to deal with the "burn" of relationships past

Heartbreak: we've all been there. And it's pretty clear that country artists really know how to pen lyrics about that topic, right? We're not slowing down on our country music posts anytime soon, seeing that it's Country Music Month, so we're picking a handful of achey-breaky country tunes & lyrics from's Top Ten list and sharing them with you:

Kellie Pickler - Best Days Of Your Life

"Take a look at her and do you like what you see / Or do you wish it was me?"

Kellie Pickler lets her ex know that she's always gonna be the best thing that ever happened to him, and reminds the dude that she's forever embedded into the back of his mind. A clever, yet creepy way to stick it to your heartbreaker!

Garth Brooks - The Dance

"How could I have known / That you'd ever say goodbye"

We've got a tearjerker on our hands, folks. After dancing with the girl of his dreams, it appears she leaves Garth high and dry before their relationship even began. He wishes that they never shared their dance, because it's all too much to bear. *sniff* :'(

Kerosene - Miranda Lambert

"I don't hate the one who left / You can't hate someone who's dead"

The fiercest response to heartbreak on this list goes to miss Miranda Lambert (who hopefully won't get her heart broken by Blake Shelton!). We don't recommend trying her method of burning everything up using kerosene and a match, unless you're an expert firefighter!

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~ A.H.