Daft Punk and Julian Casablancas' Romantic-Yet-Creepy "Instant Crush" Video

The Strokes frontman stars in the latest video from the robotic duo. Watch mannequins fall in love...

We're not going to lie: after watching the brand new music video for "Instant Crush" from Daft Punk and Julian Casablancas, we wished we had an instant crush of our own! The totally romantic, yet strange, music video is featured in a museum with historical mannequins, and with Casablancas mouthing the lyrics "And we will never be alone again / Cause it doesn't happen every day / Kinda counted on you being a friend / Can I give it up or give it away", two figures mysteriously fall for one another.

The video itself is rather beautiful, in a weird way, as it depicts the relationship between the two star-crossed mannequins. Complete with The Strokes frontman doing his best dance-along to Daft Punk's infectius hit, it's one of our favorite music videos of the year. Watch it on VEVO below:

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