Mark Ballas Wrote Out His New Single For Us

Mark from Dancing With the Stars has a new single, "Get My Name," and he wrote out the song's lyrics for us.

You know Mark Ballas as the professional dancer on the hit show Dancing With The Stars, but did you know that he's also a singer-songwriter? That's right, and the multi-talented performer has a brand new single too, entitled "Get My Name," which he hand wrote out for this exclusive feature on MetroLyrics.

If you've ever dreamt of tying the knot with Mark, then this is the song for you! "Go ahead, girl you're gonna get my name," sings Mark on the song's chorus. Check out the full lyrics to the song below, complete with some nifty doodles and Mark's very own signature.

The music video for Mark's "Get My Name" is on the way. For now, here's a trailer!

Like what you hear? Download the single off iTunes. And be sure to follow Mark on Twitter and like his Facebook page.

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