Danny Fernandes' 'Breathe Again': Track-By-Track

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Canadian singer/songwriter Danny Fernandes is back with his third studio album, Breathe Again, an album that showcases Danny's darker side. With an undertone that's all about the negative side of fame, the record includes a number of songs that detail the hardships the performer has gone through over the past year. "I actually went through a point in my life after [my] whole breakup happened [where] I was doing things that I shouldn't have been doing," says Fernandes of the hard time he was going through when he wrote the record. And although the album details a number of dark moments, Breathe Again is also about redemption and how Danny managed to pick himself up out of his personal struggles.

Watch the entire track-by-track below for insight into each and every song on Danny's album straight from the artist himself:

1. Overdose

2. Breathe Again

3. Come Back Down

4. Emotional

5. Fly Again (Broken Wings)

6. Kryptonite

7. Love Letter

8. End Of The World


10. Hurt No More

11. Ran Away

12. She Won't Leave
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