David Bowie's "Sound And Vision" Gets A Remix + Lyric Video

Celebrate the re-release of Bowie's 2013 album with a new remix/lyric vid!

David Bowie's 2013 release The Next Day is definitely on the list of one of our favorite albums of the year, and with the news of the record's re-release featuring remixes of the track listing, we're more excited than ever for when it drops on October 7th. Bowie's classic tune "Sound And Vision" was remixed by Sonjay Prabhaker earlier in the year for a smartphone commercial, and it was so in demand to be downloaded that his team decided to include it on The Next Day's re-release.

Want to know why the remix was so revelled? Prabhaker completely stripped the song down, shortened it, and let Bowie's lyrics shine in the track. A lyric video has been unveiled for "Sound And Vision 2013", and it perfectly showcases the words from the classic song from 1977. Watch the lyric video below, and let us know what you think of it!