Deaf Rapper Signmark Uses Sign Language For Lyrics

Signmark Deaf Rapper

Congratulations to Signmark, aka Marko Vuoriheimo — he holds the honor of being the first deaf hip-hop artist to get an international recording contract! Signmark, who was born deaf, fell in love with hip-hop as a teenager while watching MTV in his native country, and was inspired to become a rapper himself. But how does he do it? With sign language, of course!

"If I can watch it, I can see whether the beat is fast or slow," he said through an interpreter (regarding watching music videos). "I don't hear the music, per se", recorded our friends over at CBS Local. "Music for a deaf kid didn't make sense, and I bucked the trend and really wanted to stick to my dream and saw it through".

Watch Signmark's video for "Smells Like Victory" to get a feel for his rappin' style:

We love Signmark's inspiring message: even though he can't hear the music or sing lyrics, he can feel it and show them!

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