deCODED: Ariana Grande "Piano"

Let's break down the lyrics of one of our current favorite songs!

It's no surprise that one of our most-played pop stars at the moment is Ariana Grande — her debut LP Yours Truly is, well, *truly* an infectious hit — and there's one standout track we can't get enough of. It goes by the name of "Piano", and the tune is a cleverly-written ditty about...songwriting! And you know how we love our lyrics. So that's why we're gonna break down the words to one of our fave pop songs right now in this edition of deCODED:

I could write a song with my new piano
I could sing about how love is a losing battle
Not hard, it's not hard,
It's not hard, it's not hard it's not hard
And I could sing about cupid and a shooting arrow
In the end, you found out that my heart was better
Real hard, it's not hard
It's so hard, so hard, real hard, it's that hard...

The first stanza of the upbeat tune is essentially letting us know that writing a love song is pretty gosh darn simple. It all starts by sitting at the piano, coming up with four basic chords, and putting a few lyrics about how love either saved you or screwed you over. It's not hard!

But I'd rather make a song they can play on the radio
That it makes you wanna dance
Don't it make you wanna dance
But I'd rather make a song they can play on the radio that
Makes you wanna grab your lover's hand...

But a simple love song is not gonna cut it for Ariana. She wants to write a melody on the piano that makes the listener want to get up and dance, and if they're lucky, grab a hold of their significant other and get them on the dance floor. No boring ballads for this pop princess!

So hold up and
Take it through the night
And you should follow through
To make it alright
Now grab each others' hands, get 'em up
I want to see you rock to the piano, the piano

This is where the song gets fun and energetic, which is just the vibe we're assuming Ariana wanted with the catchy jam. This chorus is big and grabs your attention, which is perfect for being with your friends and loved ones, as Ms. Grande makes us rock out to the piano with our hands in the air.

I'd rather tell you about how I'm feelin', boy
And how I'm doin' things my way
If I got my piano then I know I'll be OK

Ariana would much rather express her feelings of love through a joyous piano anthem, rather than just another boring torch song. She's doing things her way, and that's never gonna change!

Listen to Ariana's "Piano" via YouTube below. What line of lyrics do you love most from the song?