deCODED: Cee Lo Green - Anyway

With the Platinum Edition re-release of Cee Lo Green's 2010 Lady Killer album, the soul-man's got a handful of new tracks, and "Anyway" is one of them. Cee Lo has always sung about his flaws, especially in his big hit "Forget You" where he curses the girl he loves for leaving him because of his lack of funds. "Anyway" follows the same pattern, but with a more positive spin:

"I know I'm stingy with my money
And it's hard to get some from me
But you still love me anyway"

It looks like Cee Lo finally found a girl who loves him for who he is, and not his money!

"Because no matter what I do
I know I can count on you
Cause baby you still love me anyway
For worse or for better
You make me better
I know you still love me anyway"

Isn't that sweet? Take that, girl who inspired Cee Lo's "Forget You"! 

"No one loves me quite like you do girl
It's unconditional"

There's just one thing we can't put our finger on: is the R&B star still stingy with his money now that he's a judge on The Voice? Gives us something to think about...

~ A.H.