deCODED: City & Colour - Fragile Bird

The sensitive songwriter Dallas Green's solo project City & Colour continues with the release of his third album Little Hell, and his first single "Fragile Bird" is just asking to be deCODED:

When she sleeps,
There is a fever dream, yeah
It brings a night terror
To harm this fragile bird
She speaks in tongues
Her words they come undone, yeah
And with her wayward mind
She struggles through the night

Canadian music & arts site AUX TV chatted with Green about the meaning behind his lyrics, and the ex-Alexisonfire frontman had this to say:

"The song is about my wife's night terrors, which she has all the time. It can be really spooky...sometime's it's really funny, but a lot of the time it can just be really startling and really scary. So  I just wrote this song about that side of it."

Poor Leah Miller (Green's wife)! I hope she's OK with the world knowing about her night terrors! Check out the behind-the-scenes look at City & Colour's video for "Fragile Bird", and stay tuned for more deCODED segments...

~ A.H.