deCODED: Coldplay - Paradise

Coldplay seems to have a rather permanent presence on our Top 100 Lyrics list. The ultra-successful band currently has 4 songs on the list and Paradise is one of them. As the very first track appearing on Mylo Xyloto, Paradise is one of the most dreamy songs on the album. It's about how life can become dark and too much to bear at times but if we keep hope in our hearts, we'll always have a "paradise" to escape to. Let's break down the lyrics to Coldplay's 'Paradise' a little more...
 When she was just a girl / She expected the world / But it flew away from her reach so / She ran away in her sleepand dreamed of / Para-para-paradise, Para-para-paradise, Para-para-paradise / Every time she closed her eyes

The song starts off describing the subject, a girl who had big dreams as a child. Everyone can relate to this ambition and want for something huge as kids but when you grow up, you realize you can't always get what you want. This girl decides to escape in her dreams to somewhere ideal: her own version of "paradise."
Life goes on, it gets so heavy / The wheel breaks the butterfly / Every tear a waterfall / In the night, the stormy night she'll close her eyes / In the night the stormy night away she'd fly

The band cleverly references their first single off of Mylo Xyloto, 'Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall' meaning that every tear we cry holds a great deal of emotion and meaning. When you grow up, life can seem monotonous and repetitious like a wheel turning round and round, and that monotony can damage your sense of wonder and lightness, as represented in these lyrics by a butterfly.
And so lying underneath those stormy skies / She'd say, "oh, ohohohoh I know the sun must set to rise" / This could be / Para-para-paradise

Even when life can feel like a storm, the girl in the song keeps hope that the sun will rise again, and that paradise exists for her somewhere close-by.

This song has been nominated for a Grammy for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance so we're excited to tune in on Sunday and see if Coldplay wins! What do you think the lyrics to 'Paradise' mean? Let us know below...