deCODED: Feist - How Come You Never Go There

Out today, October 4th, Metals is the much anticipated fourth album from Canada's very own precious gem, Feist after four years of awaiting new material. Wow, that's a lot of 4's! The first single from the new album is called How Come You Never Go There and it's a beautiful slow balad about fading love and confusion. Feist has aways written beautifully poetic lyrics that are tough to analyze but we're going to try because this song has stuck with us since we first heard it last month...

Our love is not the light it was / When I walk inside the dark, I'm calm / Where we look for where it went / It's only echoes in the melody

The narrator is saying that she can no longer see the love she once had with the other person. You can't see echoes, right? Maybe she's saying that the love only exists in old songs (melodies) she's written or listened to. 

How come you never go there / How come I'm so alone there

The person she loves or loved is unwilling or unable to go into the (figurative) dark places with her to work things out so she's alone in the dark, in her calm. 

The room's full eyes are empty / Like your letters never sent me / Your words are like a lasso / You're an instrumental tune

The eyes of a room could mean windows and words like a lasso could be her lovers' words trapping her. Comparing somebody to an instrumental tune pretty clearly paints them as somebody who doesn't want to communicate with words. 

All in all, this song is an introspective, moody song that is perfect to listen to on a fall walk. It fits in perfectly with all of Metals' reflective, thoughtful music and lyrics. Says Feist about the new album: 

"Metals can be found unforged and raw, and molten in the center of the earth. But they can also be highly refined and turned into little tiny jewelry."