deCODED: How To Love - Lil Wayne

This week on deCODED, we thought we'd revisit one of our fave songs from 2011. Lil Wayne showed us his softer side with this jam about a girl who doesn't know what love is. However, the song goes deeper than that, and we can prove it to you:

"You had a lot of crooks tryna steal your heart / Never really had luck, couldn't never figure out / How to love, how to love"
Crooks are bad guys who like to steal things. By calling all of the girl's past "lovers" crooks, the listener already knows they're from the wrong side of the tracks. Having a slew of crooks on your relationship resume isn't exactly considered lucky or "real love".

"You had a lot of moments that didn't last forever / Now you in a corner tryna put it together / How to love, how to love, for a second you were here / Now you over there, it's hard not to stare the way you moving"
Her relationships were short-lived, and she spends a lot of time trying to figure out why she's had such bad luck in love. Like a trapeze artist, she moves from one relationship to another very quickly.

"When you is just a young'un your looks but so precious / But now you're grown up, so fly it's like a blessing / But you can't have a man look at you for five seconds / Without you being insecure"
No longer just a cute kid, she's all grown up and has matured into a beautiful woman. However, she feels uncomfortable by men staring at her and assumes they're looking at her physical flaws.

"You never credit yourself so when you got older / It's seems like you came back ten times over / Now you're sitting here in this damn corner / Looking through all your thoughts and looking over your shoulder"
Never being able to see beyond her flaws, she never developed self-confidence. She stuck with what she was comfortable with and never drove herself to pursue her dreams. After not following her heart and constantly falling for crooks, she looks back on her life and views it as a string of mistakes and regrets.

Sorry to bring the house down, guys! We love this song because of how heavy it is, though: who knew Weezy had such a deep side to his songwriting?

Do you have any ideas on the meaning behind "How To Love"?

~ A.H.