deCODED: Jason Aldean - Tattoos On This Town

Life is a highway. That's exactly what songwriters Neil Thrasher, Wendell Mobley and Michael Dulaney were thinking when they penned the lyrics to Tattoos On This Town for country star Jason Aldean. 

There's still black marks on that county road / Where we drag raced our pickups and Mustangs / And weathered all the sun and rain /And to this day up on that overpass / Even underneath the new paint / You can still see / 'Ali, will you marry me?'

"Ali is my oldest daughter," said Neil Thrasher. "That actually was Wendell's idea to put Ali [in the song] because he's close to my daughters, and he suggested that we used Ali's name on the bridge."

It sure left its mark on us / We sure left our mark on it / We let the world know we were here / With everything we did / We laid a lot of memories down / Like tattoos on this town

That is the chorus of the song and Thrasher says, "I'm sure I saw skid marks on the road or something painted somewhere that made me think of the idea." Pretty cool how skid marks from a car can evoke memories of youth and good times and translate into a country hit!