deCODED: Lighters - Bad Meets Evil ft. Bruno Mars

Lighters is a song by Bad Meets Evil featuring Bruno Mars about inspiration, motivation, and always doing better. Oprah says "when you know better, you do better" and (although it's kind of cheesy making ties between Oprah and Eminem) that's the best way to describe the song. When we were researching these lyrics we found out that Eminem had a problem with substance abuse back in the early days of his fame and this song chronicles how he dusted himself off and kicked the habit. Let's analyze the lyrics for a closer look...
This one's for you and me / Living out our dreams / We're all right where we should be

This song's dedicated to the people who, like Em, Royce, and Bruno, are pursuing their dreams. All three artists have battled incredible hardships to reach the point they're at now. They feel like they should be there because it's their destiny.
By the time you hear this / I will have already spiraled up / I would never do nothin' to let you cowards f*ck my world up / If I was you I would duck or get struck like lightning

Em's reversed his downward spiral into drugs and is set for a comeback. He won't let anyone get in his way or bring him down and he's warning everyone to get out of his way because he's ready to strike.
I swear to god I'll be the fucking illest in the music / There is or there ever will be / Disagree? Feel free, but from now on I'm refusing to ever give up / Only thing I ever gave up is using

Nobody will surpass Em's talent, even when he's dead. Em's not a quitter, except for when it comes to his old drug habits.
When Marshall sat / Flustered, lack lustered / Cause he couldn't cut / Mustered, muster up

Em acknowledges that for a long period (particularly when he was using), he wasn't producing his best work — his drug use hindered his talent.
By the time you hear this I probably already be outty / I advance like going from toting iron to goin / And buying 4 or 5 of the homies, to iron man Audi

Now that Royce has made it in the rap game, he doesn't have to look to gang activity (which is what makes him "tote iron" or carry a gun) to make a living. Plus he has enough money to buy 5 of his friends the Audi form the Iron Man movie.

Overall, this is a song about success, overcoming obstacles, and being motivated. It's a great reminder that you can do anything. What do you think the lyrics mean? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!