deCODED: Neon Trees — Everybody Talks

It looks like all alt-rock group Neon Trees needed to catapult them into stardom was a car commercial! That's right, their hit song "Everybody Talks" (as well as the band themselves) was featured in a Buick car commercial, and ever since then, their fame has skyrocketed! We though we'd take a look at the lyrics of this popular song and deCODE them to see just what they meant:

Hey baby won't you look my way,
I could be your new addiction
Hey baby what you got to say,
All you're giving me is friction

The song starts out innocently enough: the narrator has a thing for a girl and desperately wants to be her "new addiction", comparing their potential relationship to a drug. But she's not interested and is giving him "friction": she's being difficult!

I'm a sorry sucker and this happens all the time
I find out that
Everybody talks

Looks like the narrator is in this similar position frequently: he always likes a girl who doesn't like him back. He's feeling down about himself because, well, everybody talks and knows about his sorry situation!

It started with a whisper
And that was when I kissed her
And then she made my lips hurt

"It started with a whisper" represents people talking about the narrator's desire for the girl he likes. And when he tries to make a move, she isn't interested. Poor guy. :'(

I can hear the chit-chat
Take me to your love shack
Mama's always got a backtrack
When everybody talks back

Now everybody is "chit-chatting" about his attempt at getting with his dream girl, and he realizes that maybe she isn't the one for him after all. He mockingly asks her to take him back to her "loveshack", because she listened to what everybody was saying and didn't listen to him.

Hey honey you could be my drug
You could be my new prescription
Too much, get me an overdose
All this trash talk make me itching
Oh my my s***
Everybody talks
Everybody talks
Everybody talks
Too much

They could have had a thrilling, addicting relationship if it wasn't for all the gossip and the haters! The overall message of the song is revealed in the last line of the chorus: Everybody talks too much.

Watch the Buick car commercial and Neon Trees hamming it up with "Everybody Talks" in the background:

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