deCODED: The Strokes - You're So Right

[Please note that we love the full band and not Julian only - this is just a killer shot!]

Ah, The Strokes: bringing us catchy rock n' roll since 2002. Today on deCODED, we're featuring the garbled You're So Right, which is a little tricky to figure out because of the distorted vocals. Take a peek at Verse 1, if you will:

Tell me what happened [x3]
If you like
Get off on the same floor [x3]
Every night

The songs seems to start with an argument between the protagonist and his lady friend. These lines have him asking "We spend every night together...what's going on?"

He appears to be going through a rough patch in his life:

I'm done with the office [x3]
Hello, forest

And hopes the argument will cease and desist:  

I don't want to fight
Don't wanna, babe
You and me, oh

But then, he gets PISSED!!!

I don't want to hug you [x3]
Think you would
I want to hurt you [x2]
Maybe I'd hurt you
If I could 

It's a classic case of going into a downward spiral when in a dispute with your lover, done in a slightly confusing and altered way. The title You're So Right is definitely ironic!