deCODED: The xx - Crystalized

Gonna be honest here: this is one of my absolute favourite songs. I mean, it's subtle, haunting, beautiful - I lovelovelove it so. So, naturally, I've pondered to myself just exactly WTF it means. Let's jump into verse 1:

You've applied the pressure
To have me crystalized 
And you've got the faith
That I could bring paradise

I believe that this tune's a metaphor, and the symbol in question is - *warning* just a little PG-13 - crystal meth (DUN DUN DUNNN). The deeper meaning is a troubled relationship, referenced by the creation, use, and abuse of the drug.

When you think about it, relationships are kind of like a drug addiction. There are highs, lows, and even when there's trouble, you still don't know how to quit. The cool thing about this song is the back-and-forth, male-female vocals, which could even represent the dude's "addiction" to the relationship, while the lady wants to take things slow. She might think that he's with her for the physical side of the relationship (AKA the "high" from the "hit"):

You don't move slow
Taking steps in my direction
The sound resounds, echo
Does it lessen your affection

Pretty intense metaphor, if I do say so myself. What do y'all think? Nailed it?