Demi Lovato & Her Sister's "Together" Performance Snags Lyric Of The Week

Are you a Desperate Housewives fan? Here's a fun fact: Madison De La Garza, the young actress who plays Juanita Solis on the show, is Demi Lovato's half-sister! And here's another fun fact for you: Madison's got a killer set of pipes! How do we know this? As of recently, Demi's been taking her sis on stage to perform her song "Together", and Maddie's totally bringing down the house with her vocals! Therefore, we've decided to give our Lyric Of The Week title to both Demi and Maddie respectively from "Together"...

Can you imagine it all / If we all could get along / Then we all could sing this song together

Watch the YouTube video below to watch the adorable pair's duet, recoded at Demi's L.A. Greek Theatre performance this past Wednesday:

What do you think of Demi's half-sister Maddie's vocals? Could she be the next big pop star in the future?