Demi Lovato Reveals Her 13-Song Tracklist For Upcoming Self-Titled Album

May 14th marks the release of Demi Lovato's self-titled album Demi, and as we get closer to the date, Ms. Lovato continues to release more info about her new album. We officially have the track list for Demi, and we gotta say, it's looking good. The only lyrics we know now are "Heart Attack", but we're excited to hear songs like "Made In the USA" (sounds like it could be "Party In The USA" 2.0?), or her song with Cher Lloyd (which we bet is going to be a super-fun dance track). Check out the song titles on Demi's new record below:

1. "Heart Attack"
2. "Made In the USA"
3. "Without the Love"
4. "Neon Lights"
5. "Two Pieces"
6. "Nightingale"
7. "In Case"
8. "Really Don't Care" feat. Cher Lloyd
9. "Fire Starter"
10. "Something That We're Not"
11. "Never Been Hurt"
12. "Shouldn't Come Back"
13. "Warrior"

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