Demi Lovato's Reassuring Love Song "Give Your Heart A Break" Gets #deCODED

Demi Lovato's song "Give Your Heart A Break" came out all the way back in April of this year but has only been gaining popularity. We recently found it at #13 on our Top 100 lyrics so we thought it was time to decode this sweet love song for all the Demi fans out there. Tell us if you agree with our interpretation!

"The day I first met you / You told me you'd never fall in love / But now that I get you / I know fear is what it really was"

Demi's describing the love interest in this song as somebody who is very guarded. He told her he'd never fall in love but now she realizes he only said that because he's afraid of getting hurt.

"Now here we are, so close / Yet so far, haven't I passed the test? / When will you realize / Baby, I'm not like the rest"

The story continues with Demi and the love interest being together, but he's still guarded and still thinks she might hurt him if he gets too close.

"Don't wanna break your heart / I wanna give your heart a break / I know you're scared it's wrong / Like you might make a mistake / There's just one life to live / And there's no time to wait, to waste / So let me give your heart a break"

In the chorus Demi's assuring her boyfriend that she won't hurt him like the rest of the people in his past. Life's too short not to open up to people and accept love from them and Demi doesn't want this guy to go through life with his emotional walls up.

What do YOU think "Give Your Heart A Break" is about? Tell us in the comments!