Divine Fits Share Two New Lyric Videos: "Ain't That The Way" + "Chained To Love"

Divine Fits release not one but TWO new lyric videos from their debut album for you to see.

DivineFitsImageImage c/o divinefits.com

Indie rockers Divine Fits are an up-and-coming foursome comprised of both Canadian and American members, and with their debut LP A Thing Called Divine Fits out, the band is pulling a Vampire Weekend to promote their release. Remember when VW sent out two lyric videos for their new album? Divine Fits are carrying on the trend with not one but two lyric videos for you to see: one for "Ain't That The Way", and one for "Chained To Love":

Both lyric videos are accompanied by clips of shots from the 1950's / 60's, giving the modern crunches of DF's guitars an almost classic feel as the lyrics flash across the screen. What are your thoughts on both lyric videos by newcomers Divine Fits? We want to know!