Does Taylor Swift Have A Secret 'Red' Lyrics Code?

With Taylor Swift's official Red album release just yesterday, people are already speculating over the booklet that comes with her CD. But why? Well, apparently the pop star has put a secret code in her lyrics! How does she do it? T.Swift supposedly capitalizes different lyrics in each song, and when you put the capital letters together, it creates a whole new word! did the de-coding and these are the phrases from each song that they came up with:

"State Of Grace" — Love you doesn't count after goodbye

"Red" — SAG

"I Knew You Were Trouble" — When you saw me dancing

"Treacherous" — Won't stop till it's over

"I Almost Do" — Wrote this instead of calling

"We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" — When I stopped caring what you thought

"Stay Stay Stay" — Day dreaming about real love

"The Last Time" — LA on your break

"Holy Ground" — When you came to the show in SD

"Sad Beautiful Tragic" — While you were on a train

"The Lucky One" — Wouldn't you like to know

"Everything Has Changed" — Hyannis Port

"Starlight" — For Ethel

"Begin Again" — I wear heels now

We're going to assume these phrases essentially tell us who each of her songs are about, since the girl is notorious for all of her famous exes (minus "Starlight", which is clearly about a dear friend). Who do you think Taylor is writing about with each phrase? Tell us in the comments!