Donald Glover (aka Childish Gambino)'s Journey To "Camp"

The whole actor-to-musician thing has been happening for years, but has an actor ever breached out of the pop realm and strive for something different? Enter Donald Glover, rap name Childish Gambino, famous for his hilarious role as Troy Barnes on NBC's Community. Donald's been making his name in hip-hop since 2008, and with his latest effort Camp released today, we think the dude is finally gonna make it in the music biz. Being a successful actor and then pursuing music can come with criticism, but these rap lines prove that Childish Gambino is 2 legit 2 quit:

"Man, why does every black actor gotta rap some?" / I don't know, all I know is I'm the best one - "Bonfire"

"Gambeezy" is making it heard that he's not like all the other actor-turned-rappers out there (is this a subtle jab at Drake?). Some could argue that he's pulling a Kanye with the confident line, but hey, it's hip-hop right?  

It's Monster s***, you dude's are the opposite of Lochnesses / Respond to this, we can squash the beef right now like sausages - "Freaks And Geeks"

I'm sorry, but did CG do up a line including the Loch Ness Monster? *round of applause* He also challenges his supposed "haters" to try and come back with a line that tops it. Don't think that's gonna happen.


Steady movin', don't worry about where I'mma be / 'Cause I'mma be on these tracks like indie girls on Amelie - "My Shine"


It's a fact: "indie" girls like the movie Amelie and its soundtrack. The comparison to Childish's career in the future to the constantly assured love of the French film by alt-gals everywhere is pretty spot-on. We wish you all the best in the rap game, Donny!

For more on Childish Gambino's new album Camp, head on over to Streetdate, and bonus: check out his live performances of Heartbeat, Bonfire, Freaks and Geeks, and more! Pick up the album today, wherever you get your music.~ A.H.