Don't Fret, Country Fans: Taylor Swift's New Single Gets Country-fied


When we first heard Taylor Swift's "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together", we heard a lot of different influences *coughAVRILLAVIGNEcough*, but definitely zero elements of country, the genre she first emerged in. Just as we were opening our mouths to complain (we have always been a fan of Taylor's ability to mix country and pop together so well), we came across the country version of TayTay's first single from Red, recorded just for country radio stations. We're not sure if this version will show up on her upcoming album, or if they simply created it to give Ms. Swift some country airplay, but we think it's classic Taylor with a modern pop twist. Although, should she have changed the lyrics up a little bit to come off as Not sure about you guys, but the line with "indie records" is definitely not country music material.

Listen to T.Swift's "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" (the country edition) and let us know your thoughts: