Double-Dip: Gorillaz and Salt N' Pepa

Did you know that Gorillaz are the most underrated band in the world? Seriously, they are. 

Created by Damon Albarn (from Blur! Remember "Song 2"? The WOOHOO song!? Yeah, that's him!) and Jamie Hewlett, Gorillaz are arguably the most popular virtual band ever. I find their songs are always super breezy and cool while still managing to be totally danceable. 

Case in point: "Kids with Guns". The track is very mellow but features one of dance music's most recognizable lyrics from Salt N' Pepa's "Push It". You can hear a soft echo of "push it, push it real,  push it real, push it" starting at the 0:50 mark and it makes a few more appearances throughout the song. Just the right amount of subtlety.