Double-Dip Lyrics Version: The Velvet Underground and the Pixies

So this isn't a lyrics "bite" or rip-off, or anything like that. I guess it's more of a lyrics...response, if you will. 

Many moons ago, way back when in the 60's, a little band called The Velvet Underground released a song called "I'm Waiting for the Man", penned by their poet frontman Lou Reed. The song chronicles a task many free-living-60s-hippie-love-children took part in — waiting on a street corner for your drug dealer:

I'm waiting for my man / Got twenty-six dollars in my hand / Up to Lexington, 125 / Feel sick and dirty, more dead than alive / I'm waiting for my man

Fast forward more than three decades later, when alt-rock group the Pixies released their second album Doolittle and with that, their second single, "Here Comes Your Man"

Outside we wait 'til face turns blue / There is a wait so long / You'll never wait so long / Here comes your man

Whenever I hear this song, I can't help but think of it as lyrical response to "I'm Waiting for the Man".  Further into the song are the lyrics:

I know the nervous walking / I know the dirty beard hangs

Wouldn't you be nervous if you were a drug dealer about to "make the switch," too?

Of course, this is all just my own opinion as Pixies frontman, Black Francis, has stated that the song is "about winos and hobos traveling on the trains, who die in the California Earthquake." Which makes sense. But wouldn't it be way cooler if it were a lyrical response?!!? Maybe one day they'll admit it... Until then, it's about train hobos.