Double-Dip: Puff Daddy ft. Mase and David Bowie

Both of these songs should come equipped with exorcists on standby because it's impossible not to be possessed by a dance demon when your ears get hit by either of these tunes. Like, hellllloooo — the sampled song here is called "Let's Dance" — what do you expect?

The music video for "Been Around the World" is amazing. Let's go over the elements: Puffy and Mase as spies, parachutes, a desert, and Jennifer Lopez (this was also around the time that Mr. Combs and JLO started dating... I don't know about you but I'm feelin the on-screen ~*chemistry*~). Plus Diddy and Mase make lame synchronized dancing actually cool (please see 4:10). 

Moving on to the "Let's Dance" video — I can't really seem to make sense of it. The red shoes make you dance?? But why are those people being transported into the middle of the street and how aren't they getting hit by cars, let alone even notice that they just transatlantically traveled in the blink of an eye? Bowie, you got some splainin' to do.