Double-Dip: Stevie Wonder and Ja-Rule

Hahahahahaha I actually kind of want to put this as a "LOL Of The Day" but I'll make do with "Double-Dip". 

Okay first of all, LOL at Ja-Rule. Just even as a person. I don't understand how he thinks he's "livin' it up" when he's just hanging around in a bathrobe and having water fights?

Second, LOL at Pauly Shore (???) for being at the same club as Ja-Rule and making an appearance in the music vid. Actually one of the weirdest cameos ever (and yeah, I saw Aziz in "Otis")

And finally, LOL at Ja-Rule not even locking lips with any of the girls in this music video while Stevie Wonder gets two, count 'em, TWO kisses. I think we all know who's really livin' it up here....