Double-Dip: Tom Tom Club and Mariah Carey

You know how with some samples, the original isn't that great and the newer song that used the sample took only the best part? Kinda like "Islands In The Stream" and "Ghetto Superstar"? Everyone loves "Ghetto Superstar" and when you realize it samples "Islands In The Stream" you're like..."Oh, well Ghetto Superstar is better."

That isn't the case with "Genius of Love" and "Fantasy". Both these songs are equally great and even if you haven't heard "Genius of Love" before, it totally stands on its own. You might think it's "Fantasy" when it first starts playing, but once you realize it's not, you're not even disappointed, because "Genius of Love" is amazing. Plus the video is too cute for words (omg, the dog at 1:49!!!)