Down With Webster's New Lyric Video Will Give You "Chills" (PREMIERE)

Get the first look at the rap/rock band's latest lyric video exclusively through us!

Canadian rap/rockers Down With Webster have had quite the year! Releasing their single "One In A Million" back in March, and then following up with "Party For Your Life", the band announced that their upcoming fourth album, Party For Your Life, will be coming out in January 2014. DWW just sent out another song from the upcoming record, the aptly-titled "Chills", which is perfect for the cold December weather.

Down With Webster are premiering the lyric video for "Chills" exclusively with us on this frosty day, and we're kind of obsessed with the clip. Shot in the dark of the night from inside a car, as the music plays and the lyrics are sang, the words "These chills didn't come from the cold / They came from you" are written on the condensation on the car's windows. It's a unique concept and a perfect fit for the song's lyrics.

Watch our exclusive lyric video premiere for "Chills" by Down With Webster below:

Chills is available on iTunes now. What's your favorite lyric line from the new single from Down With Webster?