Ed Sheeran Promises His Next Album Will Be Happier

With songs about drug addiction, breakups, and bad luck in love it's safe to say that Ed Sheeran's music has a certain sadness to it. But, according the singer-songwriter himself, that's about to change on his new album. "It's a bit of a happier album, I think," Sheeran told MTV News in a recent interview, "I've had a different inspiration on this record — obviously, I haven't had the same experiences, it will be different, but only from the senses it won't be tackling such dark matters."

Make note of that, fans: upcoming music from Ed Sheeran will cheer you up rather than make you sad and forlorn! But if you want to be sad, there's always Ed's #1 song, "The A Team:"

Sheeran plans to release his new music in 2014 and in the mean time he'll be touring with Taylor Swift and moving to Nashville, or so he told MTV.

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