Elise Estrada's 'U Don't Need 2 Know': Lyric Video Premiere

There are some secrets that just girls know. Find 'em out Elise's latest track!

Being female ain't easy. Just ask Canadian pop princess Elise Estrada, whose latest single from her upcoming record #Round3 is all about the trials & tribulations of a gal's beauty routine. The opposite sex's ability to tell what is real or not, from hair to eye color to, well, the backside, is all discussed in "U Don't Need 2 Know", a bouncy pop jam that samples The Jackson 5.

States Estrada about the tongue-in-cheek track, "We live in a very self-conscious world and we all have our secrets to make ourselves feel good, even me, but sometimes there's a chance of a slip up, putting you in a rather, embarrassing position. You just have to laugh it off and keep being you!"

We're premiering the behind-the-scenes lyric video for Elise Estrada's "U Don't Need 2 Know", featuring the singer in a boxing-ring photo shoot, getting totally beautified (of course):

The Philippine native also took the time to record a positive anthem, "All It Takes Is A Moment", for the people of the Philippines affected by the terrible typhoon that took place in November 2013. "It breaks my heart hearing stories about people who've been devastated by the typhoon, who have lost family members, their homes and their livelihoods. Creating music to raise money is the best way I know how to help those affected by Typhoon Haiyan," says Estrada.

Help contribute to the ongoing aid towards relief in the Philippines by downloading Elise Estrada's heartfelt track "All It Takes Is A Moment" off iTunes today.

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