Emeli Sande's Olympic Soundtrack Song "Heaven" Gets #deCODED


So we're kind of falling in love with Zambian-Scottish singer/songwriter Emeli Sande and her tune "Heaven", featured on the 2012 Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony soundtrack. Listening to the haunting song, we wanted to know more about Emeli's lyrics, so we decided to put the "heavenly" tune on the #deCODED chopping block. Just what does the song mean to us?

Will you recognize me
In those flashing lights?
I try to keep my heart beat
But I can't get it right

As the song opens, we think that Emeli is standing in the middle of the road, watching an oncoming car's headlights speed towards her. Why does she want to meet her fate? With the lines "I try to keep my heart beat / But I can't get it right", we think that she's tired of the real world and wants to pass on.

Will you recognize me
When I'm lying on my back?
Something's gone inside me
And I can't get it back

She begs to the one that hit her and left her lying on the ground, "Will you remember me? Will my memory live on?", because she's crossing over to the other side and just wants some recognition. She can't go back now that she's almost on the other side.

Oh heaven, oh heaven
I wake with good intentions
But the day it always lasts too long
Then I'm gone

The chorus reveals that Emeli is daydreaming of heaven, and the first two verses are what she thinks about and how she hopes to get there one day. When she wakes, she tries to be good, but by the end of the day she feels like she hasn't done good enough and fades away.

Will you recognize me
When I'm stealing from a car
You're not gonna like me
I'm nothing like before

In this verse, Emeli reveals her bad side. She gives up trying to be good to get into heaven.

Will you recognize me
When I lose another friend
Will you learn to leave me
Or give me one more try again

She can be so bad that she loses friends, so she wonders if people will give her a second chance in the future, or if people she cares about will continue to disown her.

You say that you're away
I try but always break
'Cause the day always lasts too long

In the end, Emeli just wants to be with the one she loves, but because they don't love her back, she feels like she can't go on.

Wow, what a sad song! We could barely deCODE it without shedding a tear or two. What do you think of our interpretation?