Eminem Is A Rap (and 80s) God In New Music Video

Slim Shady's beginning to feel like a rap god...straight out of the 80s!

Eminem's beginning to feel like an...80s god? The rapper pays homage to Max Headroom, the robotic British personality straight from the 80s in his new music video for "Rap God", off his new release The Marshall Mathers LP 2. But he doesn't just show up on your TV rapping as fast as, well, a robot: Slim Shady also pays tribute to his roots by being in the center of a rap battle a la "Lose Yourself", as well as rapping with his reflection in an empty black room.

"They said I rap like a robot, so call me Rapbot", Em spits as the video depicts him absorbing all of the bits and bytes from surrounding televisions, then going into his ultra-fast rap lines in the middle of the 6-minute track. "Lyrics coming at you at supersonic speed", indeed!

Watch the epic music video for Eminem's "Rap God" on VEVO below:

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