Eurythmics Are Reuniting! Their 3 Best Celebratory Lyrics

Looks like our "sweet dreams" have come true: count down the best celebratory lyrics from the famous duo!

Legendary 80s duo Eurythmics have been inactive in music since 2005, but with the announcement of The Night That Changed America: A Grammy Salute To The Beatles, Annie Lennox and David A. Stewart will be reuniting to perform at the gig. The event, taking place on January 27th (a day after the GRAMMYs air), will not only feature the new wave pair paying tribute to The Beatles, but Alicia Keys, John Legend, John Mayer, Keith Urban, and Maroon 5 as well. But the famous twosome's name is currently on everybody's lips, due to the fact that they seldom get back together for performances.

So what better way to rejoice than to dig through the biggest hits from Eurythmics and pick out their most celebratory lyrics just in time for their upcoming performance? Count down with us!

3. "Hey hey, I saved the world today / Everybody's happy now..." -- I Saved The World Today

Who knows, the reuniting of Eurythmics could be considered saving the world to some people!

2. "If I had a dollar bill for all the things I've done / There'd be a mountain of money piled up to my chin..." -- Missionary Man

We understand that we might be taking this lyric out of context just a little bit, but that's beside the point. :P

1. "Sweet dreams are made of this / Who am I to disagree?" -- Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)

Who are we to disagree that a) this is the most popular Eurythmics lyric of all time and b) it's also their greatest?

Because we know you want to: watch the music video for "Sweet Dreams" off VEVO below. What's your favorite Eurythmics lyric?