Get Every Lyric From Rachele Lynae's Debut Album

Her album drops April 22nd, but you can read all the lyrics now.

Rachele Lynae is a country singer who can't wait to share her stories with you. The Kodiak, Alaska, native is getting set to release her debut, self-titled EP, a collection of songs that represent individual moments — or "pictures" — in her life. Rather than focusing on a singular theme for the album, Lynae chose to highlight universal touchstones like heartbreak, falling in love, or just plain wanting to dance. "I want people to be able to tell their stories through me telling mine," says Lynae, who wrote on every song from the album, and demonstrates a songwriting maturity beyond her years.

As an advanced sneak peek, Rachele is debuting every single lyric from the album right here on MetroLyrics ahead of release date. Head to the tracklist links below to read the lyrics in full.

The album's lead single is called "Touch the Stars," a song Rachele calls a "roll down the windows and drive" type of song. Listen to it below.

If you're interested, you can pre-order Rachele Lynae's self-titled debut EP on iTunes now.

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