Exclusive: Get Part Two Of Jack Johnson Explaining His New Album

See the second half of our Jack Johnson interview where he explains his new lyrics...

Yesterday, we premiered part one of our exclusive clips of Jack Johnson explaining each lyric on his latest album From Here to Now to You. He explained the first six tracks off the record, revealing that he mainly draws inspiration from his family when it comes to penning songs. Now, we're bringing you part two of our sit-down with the folk-rock singer/songwriter, where he shares the meanings behind the second half of FHTNTY, including a song with fellow artist Ben Harper. Watch the clips below:

7. "As I Was Saying"

8. "You Remind Me Of You"

9. "Radiate"

10. "Ones And Zeros"

11. "Change" feat. Ben Harper

12. "Home"

Check out part one of our exclusive track-by-track interview with Jack Johnson if you haven't already. What's your favorite lyric off his new album?

From Here To Now To You is available on iTunes now.